How beyond is supporting SMEs during cost-of-living hardship

Posted by Admin on Nov 10, 2022 4:08:36 PM


There are two things businesses can undoubtedly agree on at the moment: costs are high and times are tough.

Entrepreneurial spirit and determination are at an all-time high, with an impressive 800,000 small businesses established across the UK since 2020. Having had to overcome massive global challenges and a pandemic, the birth of these businesses and their subsequent achievements are even more extraordinary.

Unfortunately, skyrocketing energy costs, spiralling inflation rates and supply chain issues persisting from the pandemic are posing a real threat to SMEs’ survival. Of course, that's without mentioning businesses’ goals to grow and innovate, which are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. According to a report from the Federation of Small Businesses, over half of small businesses are anticipating zero, or even negative, growth within the next year.

With overheads rising so sharply, it’s clear that ambitious startups and SMEs need more support in order to experience the success that their hard work most certainly merits.


How we’re helping

At beyond, we understand the importance of budding entrepreneurship: we want to do more to see small businesses thrive, not simply keep their heads above water. Providing small businesses with modern, flexible workspaces that foster connectivity and innovation is essential. More than ever, it is equally important, of course, that these spaces don’t break the bank.

We are committed to supporting small businesses during this challenging period and have taken action by launching a new set of prices for smaller offices at our flagship flexible workspace – beyond Aldgate Tower. We’re proud to reveal that SMEs can now access office space, ranging from one to six desks, at a significantly reduced rate. All rates for new beyond members will be frozen for 6 months, facilitating longer-term financial planning and secure cash-flow management.

What’s more, these rates are inclusive of all operational costs, including electricity and even coffee! With rising energy prices affecting businesses across the world, beyond members can rest easy, knowing that there will be no unexpected fees at the end of the month, giving businesses the security they need to continue growing.


Are you ready to ease the financial pressure on your business? If you’re looking for an affordable yet state-of-the-art flexible workspace, as well as peace of mind amid the cost-of-living crisis, get in touch with the beyond Aldgate Tower team today. 


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