“It’s a fabulous workspace” – Caxton reflect on their transition from office lease to flexible workspace

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Almost a year into their residence at beyond Aldgate Tower, we sat down with Caxton's Chairman and CEO, Rupert Lee-Browne, and its Director of People, Jane-Emma Peerless. 


Since joining beyond, Caxton have undergone a huge transition by relocating from an inflexible, long-lease, office space to beyond Aldgate Tower - a tech-enabled, flexible workspace in London. Caxton told us how the transition has impacted their business and employees, as well as the opportunities it has unlocked for their business model and growth strategy. Check out the video below!


Flexibility works


The message is clear: flexibility works. But don’t take our word for it, take Rupert’s instead. For the Caxton Chairman and CEO, the transition away from a long-lease, inflexible office has been hugely beneficial for their business. And we hear the employees are loving it too! 


Caxton’s Director of People, Jane-Emma Peerless, says that the flexibility offered at beyond Aldgate Tower allows them to adjust their workspace as needs change and the business grows. “If we need to take more private offices, we can. If we need to change the shape of our office, we can. And it gives everybody the ability to move around and work how they like to work”. 


Having the freedom to change your workspace around your current working demands, hiring and growth strategy are but some of the many benefits offered at beyond Aldgate Tower. Flexible workspaces aren’t only about offering flexible working patterns for employees, it’s about giving your business the agility it needs to grow and adapt. It’s about the future of work.


An all-in-one service 


Rupert describes the all-in-one service at the heart of the beyond Aldgate Tower offer. When you become a member at beyond, you’ll no longer have to worry about paying for the cleaners, the dishwashers or the electricity – it’s all part of the deal. 


Another bonus: you won’t have to worry about the coffee either. At beyond, we’ve got our on-site barista here to keep you alert even on the most challenging days! 


A collaborative space 


Jane doesn’t shy away from the fact that work has changed over the last few years and that businesses need to adapt. She says, “companies need to wake up to the fact that the pandemic changed working lives forever”. 


Indeed, the way we view our workspaces and what we expect from them have changed. It is now more important than ever to create environments that both foster collaboration and offer plenty of room to socialise. Equally as important to employees is ensuring that working patterns exist around the realities of everyday life. 


The flexible working offer at beyond allows you to deliver all these promises and more to employees, incentivising your team to come together again. As Jane put it, “flexible working spaces are helping bring teams back into the office”. 


What’s more, at beyond Aldgate Tower, you’ll find all of the above and more “at the right price” 😉.


Get in touch with the team today to learn how, like Caxton, you can transition to a modern, flexible workspace in the heart of London. We’re on hand to give your business the flexibility it needs to grow, develop new relationships, and thrive in a collaborative environment. 

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