Supporting Ukrainian refugees in London with workspace

Posted by Admin on Mar 9, 2022 11:55:02 PM



More than two million people have fled Ukraine following the Russian invasion. As the conflict rages on, millions more civilians are due to be evacuated in the coming weeks.

It is one of the worst humanitarian crisis that Europe has seen in recent years. So, for individuals and organisations alike, the question on their minds is ‘how can we help?’

At beyond, we feel compelled to help. We will help.


beyond to offer free workspace to Ukrainian refugees

We will do so by providing free workspace within beyond Aldgate Tower. The free space will be made available to Ukrainian refugees in London who are working within an organisation or business that is involved in defence and relief efforts in their home country. 

beyond Aldgate Tower will open its doors to them, providing them with a safe and secure space – not to mention facilities such as meeting rooms, conferencing tools and ultra-fast broadband – so they can continue their vital work. 

Eligibility is not limited to NGOs and not-for-profits; businesses and entrepreneurs can also apply. However, all those who do apply must be refugees who have fled Ukraine in the wake of the conflict and whose work involves providing support or relief to those directly affected by the crisis.


Get in touch to find out more and apply for space

The free workspaces are available from today. Those interested, please contact beyond on: 

Someone from our team will be in touch to confirm your details, who you work for and how you will use the space. 

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