Why do we love events at beyond?

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At beyond we pride ourselves on making the most of our workspaces to ensure our members have an incredible, rounded experience. After all, where we work doesn’t have to just be a place where we sit on our laptops or eavesdrop on colleagues’ Zoom calls. 


Today, when we go into the office, we want to maximise our interactions with colleagues, collaborate in person to innovate and strategise, and, most importantly, build connections and enjoy experiences that digital communication simply can’t replicate. But this doesn’t have to be restricted to our colleagues or indeed the people we share our workspaces with. 


In fact, making the most out of our workspaces means engaging with new groups and communities, while developing new relationships and exploring exciting opportunities. 


One of the best ways to do this is to go to office events. 


Wealth8 at Beyond Aldgate Tower


Now You're Talking Network recently hosted an incredibly informative evening at beyond Aldgate Tower, attended by over 50 women, where they discussed their personal finances and learned how to begin investing and grow their wealth (image above). Topics explored included: setting financial goals;  understanding risk; the power of compound interest and many more. Such events provide a refreshing opportunity to have new people join us and our wonderful community. 


Why do we love events? And why are they so important to a flexible workspace?


Well, for one, they are great for morale. They offer a change of tempo for busy people, not to mention the opportunity to try something new. They are great occasions for meeting new people and growing your network. They also help keep creative juices flowing!


Of course, there are also benefits for those hosting events, not just the attendees. 


Hosting an event at beyond is a great opportunity to boost your brand! Sharing your knowledge and skills is not only highly gratifying but an opportunity for you and your company to show off your expertise. They allow you to target groups and communities integral to your business’ appeal or growth strategy and raise your brand awareness and impact. 


It’s a win-win. Attendees meet new people, try new things and learn about new subjects.

Hosts get to demonstrate their expertise and potentially attract new clients. 


  • So, do you want to grow your brand or business? ✅
  • Do you want to share your knowledge and expertise with prospective clients or partners? ✅
  • Do you want to meet new people and discover opportunities? ✅
  • And, do you want to do this all in one of the most ambitious workspaces in London? ✅


We love amplifying the voices of our existing members but we also love to showcase talent - so whether you're a member of beyond or not, if you’re interested in hosting an event, you know where to turn. Just get in touch with our friendly team today!

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